Also known as the Violin Spider, the brown fiddler, and the fiddleback spider, the Brown recluse is one of the most feared venomous spiders of North America.

Located throughout the southern states, this beautiful little creature has a venomous bite that can cause its victims a lot of trouble. Between .25 and .75 inches, the Brown Recluse is generally a light to medium brown creature. Its musical name is a result of its shape which many think make it look like a violin.

It is often mistaken with other similar looking spiders such as the cellar spider and pirate spider. However, it’s range is pretty limited, only found in about half of the US, which makes its appearance in much of the country extremely unlikely (though not impossible).

Unlike this spiders colleague, the more feared Black widow whose bite generally doesn’t pose a significant risk, a Brown recluse bite can cause necrotic regions of the skin resulting many months of painful recovery.

Fortunately, the brown recluse isn’t an attacker. Bites are fairly uncommon, and require that the spider be made to feel as though escape is impossible any other way. Most reports of bites are thought to be misdiagnosed, however. Other spider bites like the bite of the Hobo spider, for example, produce similar symptoms and are more in keeping with the behavior of a more aggressive spider like the Hobo and staff infections sometimes produce a similar necrotic effect fooling doctors.

While you don’t have to worry too much about being bit by this docile, venomous spider, brown recluses are extremely difficult to get rid of if you are a victim of an invasion. They are extremely hearty, able to survive without food and water for months. They are even capable of living for long periods if their limbs are torn off. In colder regions, the spider is even more likely to survive for long periods of time in stressful conditions.

So if you are lucky enough to encounter nature’s Stradivarius, look from a distance. He doesn’t want you in his house, and, frankly, the effects of invading his space are far worse for you than him.

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